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Part I: Android Fundamentals

1 Introducing Android
2 Understanding Intents
3 Understanding Resources
4 Activities and Fragments
5 Responsive Apps: Running in the Background

Part II: Creating the User Interface

6 Using Basic UI Controls
7 Using Layouts
8 Listviews and Adapters
9 Material Design
10 More Views and Controls
11 ImageViews and Bitmaps
12 Using VideoViews and Media
13 Adding Navigation

Part III: Working with Data

14 Using the File System
15 Using SharedPreferences
16 Using SQLite and File Storage
17 Accessing the Cloud: Working with a Remote API
18 Introducing ContentProviders
19 Creating a Content Provider
20 Loaders and CursorAdapters

Part IV: Next Steps

21 Using Notifications
22 Android TV and Wear Apps
23 More Features to Explore
24 Publishing Your Apps

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