DroidDrop – Remote Logging for Android

Video Demo – remote logging DroidDrop Remote logging gives Android Developers the ability to log data from their applications to a drop on drop.io. How to: Download DroidDropNotes.jar Include the jar in your Android project.  It will add 16K to your APK. Get a developer API Key from drop.io (free, painless, takes 2 minutes) http://dev.drop.io/… Continue reading DroidDrop – Remote Logging for Android

DroidDrop Preview (drop.io on android)

THIS IS NOW LIVE. Search the market for “droiddrop” Demo of app in development. Use drop.io to access & share files, photos, & notes in “drops” I plan to release a beta version to the market soon.  Let me know what you would like in that release. Follow updates at http://twitter.com/DroidDrop Use DroidDrop to: *… Continue reading DroidDrop Preview (drop.io on android)

BFF Photo: Full Demo on Android G1

BFF Photo is an application to: View your Facebook Photos on your Phone View your friend’s photos Take pictures and videos using the app and upload to Facebook Find it by searching for “bff” on the Android Market. Login to Facebook from the app to authorize on Facebook.  Requires Internet connection. On the technical side,… Continue reading BFF Photo: Full Demo on Android G1