Hour 2 – Understanding an Android Activity

This is a correction to the code in Hour 2. In Listing 2.12, we handle the result from a call to startActivityForResult(). The idea is that one Activity will handle data entered in a second Activity. To show this, the code updates a TextView in the initial Activity.  Unfortunately, when I transcribed the code for… Continue reading Hour 2 – Understanding an Android Activity

New Book: Android Application Development in 24 Hours

All new 3rd Edition of “Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours” is      now available. Updates and corrections will be made on this site.  Feel free to contact me or post    comments. Sample Chapter and Source code are available. Read Full Sample Chapter:  Hour 21, Android Media Basics: Images, Audio, and Video… Continue reading New Book: Android Application Development in 24 Hours

Google TV, Really?

In the past few days, there have been several reports of Google opening retail stores. Every report says that they’ll sell Google TV’s in those stores. Is it a good time to start Google TV development? Yes, yes, I think so. Here are 3 quick reasons: Google TV is a software platform Google TV has… Continue reading Google TV, Really?

BFF Photo Pro – Android App for Facebook Photos

Your Facebook Photo App Everything you want to do with Facebook Photos.  Including photo uploads and tagging photos. Pro Version: No ads – makes it faster. Includes Tag photos feature New Graphics Features: Easiest way to find when new pictures of you have been posted.  And that might be important! Want to see when your… Continue reading BFF Photo Pro – Android App for Facebook Photos

DroidDrop – Remote Logging for Android

Video Demo – remote logging DroidDrop Remote logging gives Android Developers the ability to log data from their applications to a drop on drop.io. How to: Download DroidDropNotes.jar Include the jar in your Android project.  It will add 16K to your APK. Get a developer API Key from drop.io (free, painless, takes 2 minutes) http://dev.drop.io/… Continue reading DroidDrop – Remote Logging for Android