Adding the Aviary Mobile SDK to an Android App

Aviary has made it pretty darn easy to add advanced photo editing features to Android apps.  Their Embeddable Photo Editor for Mobile was released today with support for both iOS and Android.    Check the developer site.

We added the editor to the BFFPhoto app.  More about the app at

The Aviary library includes effects, rotating, cropping, ability to draw or write on photos, and … more.

At the end of this post is a series of images showing edits on a photo that include adding the IndiGlow effect and adding text.

The Aviary sample code and documentation is very good.  The sample app has a single activity that lets the user pick and edit a photo. Since that will be the basic flow for many apps, it is a great head start for adding the photo editor to your app.

I recommend following the documentation, but at a high-level, you will need to:

  1. Add the Aviary library
  2. Add the Aviary external jar files
  3. Update your manifest file to include the Aviary Feather activity
  4. Incorporate the editor into your app

To make this easy for developers, Aviary has created the editor as an Activity.  It is called by adding an intent with the FeatherActivity and invoking the activity using “startActivityForResult.”

startActivityForResult( newIntent, ACTION_REQUEST_FEATHER );

The ACTION_REQUEST_FEATHER is handled in your onActivityResult method.  Using the result from the intent, you can access the edited photo.

BFFPhoto is an app that uploads photos to Facebook.  I added photo editing as part of the upload flow.  A user picks a photo and has the option to edit it before uploading.  The app saves the edited photo before uploading.  When to save photos is something to think about when adding an editor.

In BffPhoto, I used the default themes, but it is easy to customize the look and feel of the editor using standard Android themes.

Overall, this is a great ANDROID implementation of photo editing and should be familiar to Android developers.

Enjoy adding the Aviary Editor to your apps!

Unedited Photo
Basic Editor
Choose IndiGlow
Choose Text Tool
Add Text
Final Edited Photo - Ready for upload

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