On Android as a Platform

Recently, Fred Wilson blogged about the future of Android as a a platform.

LatticeApps is providing a service to create data driven mobile apps. The Android platform is the cornerstone of our efforts.

Our comment on the blog is provided below:

iPhone and iPad fit the Steve Jobs model of making a product that amazes and is presented in perfect form. We appreciate an elegant product that works incredibly well and is truly beautiful.

Android is messier. It had adoption by tech’s who were interested in what it could do. It has become a real choice for actual consumers. Froyo might be the equivalent of Windows 3.0 – the first Window’s system that actually worked.

Android – as open as it is – has a better future to play on a range of devices and price points. It is better poised for a post-PC world. Fragmentation is a short-term issue – and always has been. A developer can pick a target OS and know they have 75% of the Android market. That may not be OK for Angry Birds, but it is OK for many. The problem gets smaller everyday.

The curation of the iOS path will limit it from being a platform for a full range of devices – and will keep it from ever being considered as a platform for a specific industry or specialized use.

Developer support is currently a critical resource. But as everything we do becomes mobile and connected, services will develop to move our daily needs to a mobile/tablet platform. It makes sense for Android to be the target platform for those services.

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