BFF Photo Pro – Android App for Facebook Photos

Your Facebook Photo App
Everything you want to do with Facebook Photos.  Including photo uploads and tagging photos.

Pro Version:
No ads – makes it faster.
Includes Tag photos feature
New Graphics

Easiest way to find when new pictures of you have been posted.  And that might be important!
Want to see when your friends post a photo of you? Are they posting things that they shouldn’t?  Then check from your Phone.
Upload short videos, too!

Logged into web and on app?  Logout from app and then try again.  [Menu, Logout] clears this up.

Feature List:
* Take & upload photos
* Create Albums on the fly
* Tag a Photo immediately after upload
* Browse Your Albums
* See Tagged Photos of You
* View Friend’s Albums
* View Your Facebook Page Photos
* Save Photos to the phone
* Upload videos
* No signup – unlike Pixelpipe

BFF Photo Pro
BFF Android

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