DroidDrop – Remote Logging for Android

Video Demo – remote logging

DroidDrop Remote logging gives Android Developers the ability to log data from their applications to a drop on drop.io.

How to:
Download DroidDropNotes.jar

Include the jar in your Android project.  It will add 16K to your APK.

Get a developer API Key from drop.io (free, painless, takes 2 minutes)

Review the source code and example on GitHub.

shows the first screen for the app
UpdateLog.java has sample usage to show logging an exception and saving user input.

Declare a DroidDropNote Client:
DroidDropNoteClient dropClient= new DroidDropNoteClient(“–YOUR API Key”);
dropClient.setToken(“–drop password or token”);

Write out a Note/Text contents:

results = dropClient.createNote( “DROPNAME”, “Note title”,  “Message”);

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