Launching DroidDrop, the Android client

Droid Drop Screenshot Use to privately share your files & notes in drops.

Use DroidDrop to:

– Create & View Drops
– Add Notes, Links, and Photos
– It’s easy to start with the demo drop
– View & update in the demo and then create your own drops

I submitted DroidDrop to ADC2 (Android Developer’s Challengge 2)  on 8/31.  I expected to add a few more features  before  publishing it to the market.  I was able to add some polish and 1 new feature (uploading photos directly from the gallery.)

I was starting to work on adding even more features when I realized it was a good time to stop and get some  feedback.  So, please try out DroidDrop and let me know what you think. Some of my ideas for new features are at the end of this post.

These 2 tweets were timely in helping me think about the release date.

  1. RT @albertwenger Making Versus Planning …
  2. RT @ericries IFTF: don’t pave until you see where people walk; needs to apply to IT and internal tools #workunbound

Feedback and ideas wanted! Error reports, too.
Contact via email or twitter

You can see a previous video demo here.

I would expect to add:

  • video upload
  • audio upload
  • showing drops in reverse chronological order
  • performance improvements

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