DroidDrop Preview (drop.io on android)

THIS IS NOW LIVE. Search the market for “droiddrop”

Demo of app in development.
Use drop.io to access & share files, photos, & notes in “drops”

I plan to release a beta version to the market soon.  Let me know what you would like in that release.

Follow updates at http://twitter.com/DroidDrop

Use DroidDrop to:
* Create Drops
* View Drops
* Add Notes, Links, and Photos to Drops
* Get files from Drops

I am also working on a complete rewrite of BFF Photo.

5 thoughts on “DroidDrop Preview (drop.io on android)

  1. Nice! I’d also like to:
    – delete files from Drops
    – autodownload files with some filtering features (like a special string in the filename or of a certain file format). That way, it would be very quick to from the computer add to a drop and then know that the file will be on the SD of the android phone.

  2. Interesting idea regarding autodownload. Sort of a “push” to the phone. I have to think more about that. Phone would need to check for updates. Phone would need to know which drops to check. Might be a its own thing (dropdroid sync?).
    Could be fun.

  3. Right, and yeah it might work as a separate app. I do think there’s a niche for it since I’ve found no supersimple way to get files to the phone without connecting it via usb. Bluetooth file transfer is working in some of the latest ROMs but most people are still on default, unrooted ROMs or lack bluetooth on their computer. The sugarsync app allows you to access files you’ve put on the sugarsync server. But sometimes (often in my case) you just want the files to go directly to the phone.

  4. Might start by saving a drop of file from a drop that you are viewing on the phone. Case would be to upload a file to the drop via the web. Access it via the phone and save it locally. I like the concept of syncing though

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