Developing Facebook Apps for Android

“BFF Photo for Facebook”  is now on the Android Market.

It is an Android app for viewing the photos you and your friends have posted to Facebook.  You can also upload new photos and videos.

Please give it a try. Find it in the market by searching “bff”.  If you like it, rate it and comment on the Android market. Post technical questions here.

To interact with Facebook, I am using their new “Simplified Desktop Authorization Flow.

For API calls, I am using a Java Facebook Client library I developed for talking to the Facebook REST server. I’ll be writing more about it. I intend to clean up the library and ultimately make it open source.

I am using Android Intents to take a photo and capture a video.

Video Demo Coming Soon!

4 thoughts on “Developing Facebook Apps for Android

  1. Hoping to see the library soon. I hope you would consider making it J2ME compatible where possible so it can be adopted to other Java enabled phones like BlackBerry and others.

  2. Max,
    thanks it should be very soon. I’ve simplified a lot. I believe it could be made to be compatible with Blackberry, but may not out of the box. The good news is that I’ve kept it small and managable. 2 classes are used. 1 for REST communication and 1 to handle error message from Facebook. I use 1 external jar (SimpleJSON).

    I used the new library for the new version of BFF Photo that I just released to the android market. More info here:


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